Main Sessions from Mobilise 2006

Mobilise Main Session 1 Tom Shaw
Men And Women Wayne Grudem
Mobilise Main Session 3 Joel Virgo
Five Battles Into The Promised Land PJ Smyth

Seminars from Mobilise 2006

Single & Rocking PJ Smyth
The Inerrancy Of The Bible And Answers To Current Challenges Wayne Grudem
The Challenge Of Islam David Devenish
So You Want To Go Church Planting Nick Sharp
From The Nations To The Nations: Pioneers To Regions Beyond Andy Martin
Whistle While You Work Greg Haslam
Duty, Discipline, Or Devotion Sibs Sibanda
Contemporary Culture And The Kingdom Of God Joel Virgo
Destiny Fulfulled Julian Adams
Help – I Can’t Answer That, Get Me out Of Here Nick Chatrath